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Renting with pets

Applying for a property with a pet? Here's our top tips...

1) Be upfront about what pets will be living at the property

2) Provide information on their age, breed, training, sleeping arrangements etc

3) Provide a reference from a previous property manager or landlord.
This information shows us how the pet has lived in other properties and what level of risk they are to
the property you're applying for.

4) Even if the listing says no pets, it doesn’t hurt to ask!
We have some owners who can be swayed by a small pet, with a great reference.

5) We think about each pet in terms of risk to the property.
If you have an adult cat or dog, experience shows us that this often is less of a risk to the property than a new kitten or puppy in training.

6) If you have already started a tenancy with us and would like to get a pet, it’s important to get the permission of the owner to ensure you are not in breach of your tenancy agreement.

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